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Soundings is the official literary and arts magazine of Saratoga High School, and has been produced and published by students since the 1980s. Our showcase of student work is a terrific opportunity for students to find a broader audience for their creative work in the humanities. Student artists and writers are invited to submit and share work that has been creatively conceived and painstakingly polished, allowing them to gain a deep and authentic motivation to produce work that goes beyond satisfying a mere required assignment.

Soundings has evolved over the years from a single print issue to a hybrid publication. The 2023-24 editions of Soundings will include a Winter Issue online, a Spring Issue online, and the annual print magazine.

Soundings is only possible due to the hard work of our dedicated student staff and the oversight of our adviser, Mr. Tyler. We are also super thankful to all of the parents and community members who have donated to keep our publication alive, and especially thankful to the Saratoga PTSO for their support.


Editors-in-chief: Hannah Dimock (12), Anika Kapasi (11), Jonny Luo (12)

Literary Editors: Anamika Anand (12), Sam Bai (12), Maren Hofman (12), Eric Shi (12), Anushka Tadikonda (11), Caitlin Weber (12)

Art Editors: Amy Pan (11), Eric Shi (12), Anushka Tadikonda (11)  

Layout Editors: Melanie Lee (11), Annette Li (11) , Victoria Lin (12), Amy Luo (11), Saara Saini (12), Ruiyan Zhu (10)

Outreach: Carine Chan (12), Jane Lee (10), Isabelle Wang (11), Florence Wei (10)

Staff: Charlotte Hu (10), Florence Hu (10), Diya Kapoor (11), Neha Tadikamalla (11)

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