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The Soundings Literary & Arts Magazine is now accepting literary and arts submissions for our Spring 2023 issue, which will be published on our website and eligible for publishing in the official magazine. The form below is the only way to submit; please read the submissions guidelines below and reach out to if you have any question. Submissions will be accepted until the deadline on February 17, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PST

For literary (writing) submissions, you may submit poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short stories, personal stories, a combination or any other style. All literary submissions must be 1000 words or less, and all poetry must be 100 lines or less.

For arts submissions, you may submit physical art (scan or photo required), digital art, photography, a combination, or any other art. All photographs of physical art must be taken flat and with neutral lighting. Please submit links to high quality files or we will not be able to use it.

Creators are limited to a maximum of 5 submissions per issue, including both literary and arts submissions. There is no theme for creators to follow, and we encourage creators to explore any theme of their choice. Content including trigger warnings may be flagged, and any identifiable self harm and abuse may be subject to mandatory reporting.

All submissions will be edited by our team of editors, and all creators will receive the opportunity to revise their submissions before selection voting. All pieces receiving the majority support of both the Editors-in-Chief and the full staff will be placed in the issue. Creators will be notified of their placement decision via email after a decision has been made.


Thanks for submitting!

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