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Style: Poetry

Writer's Statement: This poem encapsulates the idea that enjoying the small parts of life is essential, even if it is moving at a fast pace. While only a tiny fraction of our lifetime, high school is a critical point in our lives filled with long-lasting friendships and memories. As an aspiring filmmaker, my way of slowing down and admiring the little things is to capture as many pictures and videos as possible so my adult self can commemorate these years.

I carry my camera 

everywhere that I go, 

capturing bits and pieces so the

clock can click slow.

Each and every moment 

collected into a frame, 

contrasting components 

are suddenly twin flames.

I indulge in the art

so I can drink up the past,

savoring every part, 

time is moving so fast.

I always take her with me–to every endeavor.

If I take a picture, maybe it’ll last forever.



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