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Style: Letter

Writer's Statement: For my mother

For My Mother

To the person who has impacted my life more than any other, thank you. You taught me kindness, generosity, positivity, and confidence. I know you know this, but you are brilliant. You are a superwoman. 

You are the best of role models; you exemplified the right way to live life: with a smile on your face. Your smile was a ray of sunshine. Your laughter was music. What I wouldn’t do to experience that joy again. 

You are so deeply loved not only by your own family, but by everyone you came into contact with. Your positivity was contagious and your energy was radiant. You are and will always be dearly missed.

You told me you wanted 3 things for me and 3 things only: Be happy, healthy, and a good person. And I will, Mom. I will do the things that make me happy. I will take care of my mind and body. And I will do my best to make an impact like you made in your community in mine. I will make you proud.

You loved watching me play baseball. You saw me hit my first home run. You saw me pitch my first complete game shutout. I’m so glad you did. There is a lot more baseball to be watched, though, from the comforts of wherever you may be. You loved listening to the music I made, and you loved how much I love band. You were there for my first marching band show. You saw me perform my arrangement of an emotional song about memories and loss. Now you can enjoy all of your child’s pursuits from wherever you want. You are no longer bound to the tangible.

I know you’ll be watching closely when I succeed, when I fail, and all the in-betweens, and I know you will keep pushing me to reach my goals. No more, no less. I am so lucky and so eternally grateful that I was born into your family. You gave me your smarts, your athleticism, your work ethic, and your love. You allowed me to shine. You let me explore my passions. You are the reason why I am me.

Thank you for raising me right, Mom. And rest in peace and happiness. Don’t worry about us. We are okay. We will keep smiling for you just like you wanted us to. I love you forever and ever. See you later, I can’t wait to catch up with you. 🕊️❤️



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