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Style: Poetry

Writer's Statement: “Lost” is a poem that I wrote to represent the daily struggle of being a forgetful, very busy person who is always looking for something. I titled this poem lost to represent the two aspects of losing something, the item being quite literally lost, and the more connotative meaning of the constant feeling of being “lost” in this struggle, trying your hardest to stay organized and know where everything is and still day after day constantly misplacing things.

I lose every


I do it 

a lot

Must make my phone ring

Where it was set

…I forgot

From swimsuits to shoes

All dear to my heart 

It’s all old news 

Te aring my room a p a r t 

My mind is 

s c 

            a      t


          e r   ed





My life in t at ter s

Because my things are in             space 

I try really hard 

These habits won't flee

         They aren’t on my report card

But are just part of me

Please don't be mean

I'm trying my best

It's got to be around here somewhere 

now time to stress

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