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A Composition of Haikus

Style: Poetry (haikus).

Statement: I wanted to capture the essence of nature through its destructive elements, its different forms, and its beauty, and I wanted them to intertwine together through several different stanzas, which is why I chose the haiku format. I feel that the lack of words made me think about which words matter when describing these elements.

Crispy leaves blackened

They dissolve, ash sprinkling down

Miles, worlds of scorched death

Soggy debris floats

Down raging torrents in rain

Structures swept away

A hurricane howls

Dust swirls, furniture flounders

A lost pink ribbon

Sticks tremble and snap

Foundations tumble, crumble

Solid grounds vanish

A Titan’s cursed gift

Life of light and dark of death

A single cig dropped

Hot water rams cold

Winds or quakes make water sweep

Roaring waves unseen

Heating, rotation

Air swirling round, but don’t touch

Complex push and pulls

Tectonic plates clash

Heat pushes down, up, left, right

Scared creatures scatter

Orange and red spar

Planes soar, dousing the beast’s rage

Dinner’s candle gleams

A gurgling pale stream

Ice razor-thin, snowflakes fall

A quick quench chug-jug

Tumbling through the sky

Puffs of breath howl heedlessly

Leaves flitter or whip

A green-brown landscape

“Sticks and stones may break my bones”

Nature’s harmony

Equal, opposite

Don’t provoke the ancient gods

Fire, water, air, earth



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