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be my sun

Style: Free verse

Statement: "be my sun" was inspired after reading several love poems expressing one's love in a personified way. The poem was written in the perspective of a woman falling in love with someone but concealing her feelings.

i love you.

you are my boulder,

my shoulder to lean on,

my blanket i can snuggle with.

and when i see you,

i smile like the moon did when she met sun.

you are my sun. yet

sun rays on spring days

don’t even compare to

your smile, your laughter,

when you look at me.

i want to be in love

as if i am the romeo

to your juliet;

i want to be in love

as if we are the only two

on earth that matter.

i want to be in love

with you.

but i shy away from the prospect

of us together,

a rabbit running from a wolf.

i see you and bury my dreams

deep inside, a hermit

hidden in the shelter of my thoughts.

let’s be in love.

i love you:

please, i’m begging you,

love me too.

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