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Ebbs and Flows

Style: Free Verse Poetry

Writer's Statement: My name is Aneri Shah and I am a junior. This piece is a free verse poem about my anxiety and how it can feel very scary and overwhelming, and yet, when I open up to a friend, it doesn't feel so bad anymore." This original one is more in depth though.

The current surges.

Slivers of silver glint back at me.

a million and one eyes of-

shoals of fish flash past.

For one secondIt’s nothingness.Just a girl in the sea

Happy as could be.

Then-I’m blown away (literally).

Rocks in the land are hard enough.Rocks in the ocean hurt to a different degree.

They scrape invisible wounds, 

my palms became raw, slice by slice.

Rough. Hard. Callous.

Like pelicans trapped in oil spills, my mind stays stuck in the dark.

Whoosh, my head peaks, a fake seagull, above the waves.

Snap, s n a p, s n a pAre you here? 

Is your head underwater?What’s w r o n g?Snap back to reality

Oh, there goes my sanity.

Voices fade in and out. My mind stays stuck, in that one moment. 

My voice has disappeared with the tideI stare at the paper, blank and empty.The words on the page mold together.dark worm ink blobs 

Ebbs and flows, ebbs and flowsUp and down, u p  and d o w n n n .

My mind flashes back to that roomwhite cloth on a hospital stretcher.

Learning my truth, feeling it cut deepYou have anxiety, sweetie. 

…. There’s no direct cureIt kills me softlylike a shark whose fins were cut off 

Only to be let back in the sea.

Spirals of silver 

Coca Cola bottles at sea.Dig into my mindYou failed, you fail- 

I feel a feather light touchmy friend, peering at me with rain colored eyes tinted with worry. 

Again, I disappeared into my own sea world, again.The concern wafts off,chlorine in a pool.Its understandable, I’m an open book.

Unspoken words spool out for what feels like an eternity- or maybe more.

They weave together a mosaic of sorries and have you been journaling lately I wish I could say. my progress bar made it past 60 percent.

Eventually I break the silence.With a fact

“Did you know that tides are controlled by the moon?”

Info dumping is my way of love, I supposea laugh, and a fond grin that I finally realize isn't fake 

“see, you are getting better. the facts prove it” 

and for one second 

It feels like I am.



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