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First Day of School

Style: Poem.

Statement: "First Day Of School" is a short poem meant to describe the atmosphere of school on its first day of a new school year. The poem starts with an optimistic sense of camaraderie and rejuvenation for students as they return to school, but slowly shifts to the saddening reality of school.

Stepping on the grounds of a familiar home,

Pondering about the long year that lies ahead.

Launching a school browser, ten tabs on Google Chrome.

Weaving in the hallways of the school like sparse threads,

Searching all small corners for every cheerful peer.

Delving into class, Expos firm in teachers’ hands.

Participating frantically, each student fears.

Writing blissfully on notebook as teachers scan.

Ringing bells sound as students stuff supplies in bags,

Glancing from schedule to phone with apprehension.

Slouching back down, the textbook-filled sack squirms and sags.

Giving friends’ troubles little to no attention

Spending fifteen dollars at the vending machine

Tumbling with might, Horizon Chocolate Milks emerge.

Sprinting to class, already late: it’s ten-sixteen!

Glaring at whispering students, silence is urged.

Cheering as the bell rings, lunch line already long;

Waiting for some half-cooked burger soggy inside.

Protecting cookies from greedy friends in the wrong

Scurrying back, bellies full, brains sleepily sigh.

Diluting teachers’ voices, boys waltz through lessons.

Checking the clock, seven minutes til the last bell

Packing up, the newfound depressing mood deepens

Avalanching schoolwork is the one on which minds dwell.



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