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  • Writer's pictureNavya Rao


Style: Poetry

Writer's Statement: I wrote this poem about one of my closest friends.

Her; the person that fills my thoughts.

Thinking of her makes me feel warm inside.

Thinking of her makes me happy.  

I changed the way I walk to my classes. 

Just to catch a glimpse of her.

Just to talk to her.

She is warm like the sun.

She is golden like the rings I wear.

She is golden;  

and gold blossoms out of everything she touches.

Sometimes I wonder 

if I disappeared

 off the face of the earth

if she would care.

And I convince myself that she would. 

She would have to. 

After all, I am one of her closest friends, amn’t I?

Her; the person I would do anything for. 

She makes me feel special. 

She is basked in sunlight. 

She is my golden girl. 



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