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How Are You

Style: n/a

Statement: I depict the pressure of feeling like you always need to be okay. This poem describes the slew of thoughts — little voices that plague one’s mind — that may make it difficult to reach out for help.

How are you? The answer is always Good.

Because it’s not a genuine question, by design;

It’s an act of courtesy — they ask because they should.

Even if you’re in the midst of a tornado, dismiss it as simply not your prime.

Don’t be a burden; they don’t want to hear you whine.

It is not a question so much as a half-hearted, obligatory survey.

So when the spotlight comes on, it’s always clear skies and sunshine!

By routine, you say you are okay.

But beneath the fabricated facade, gone is the happiness of childhood.

Fake it til you make it; when the drapes are drawn open, honesty’s a crime —

You will never be understood.

And try as you might, you will never reach the finish line.

This is your new normal; your energy is draining with time…

So you succumb to the darkness — you are the prey.

Who cares if there’s light at the end of the tunnel? Reaching it is an endless climb.

All you can do is hope the storm will eventually go away.

Because even if you want to yell for help, it’s not as if you could.

It’s tempting to scream, reach out for a rope, give a hint or a sign;

No — we’re all pretending in Hollywood.

Tell yourself: You are on cloud nine.

Careful, people are watching! Stick with the storyline

As you rush to meet the deadline.

Go on — Hurry! A production is underway!

Quick! Craft a sensational headline!

Lights! Camera! Action! You’re an actor on broadway.

Don’t blow your cover, even if everything is frail, held together by mere twine.

So what if the stage is on fire? So what if the sets are crumbling? Keep the pain at bay.

And keep telling yourself You’re Fine

Even if you’re struggling day by day.



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