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My Playground

Style: Poem.

Statement: "My Playground" is a poem that introduces the idea that my backyard is my home. While sitting down and reading, I can experience and enjoy the true nature that surrounds me.

Swish. Whoosh. The kind wind blows.

Intermittent as time goes.

From the left and right

Then touching diagonals,

Shifting and twisting with the flow.

As I spend time in my backyard,

Nature comes upon me

And reveals its pure form.

Towering over all rests the peaceful giant

Quiet redwood tree.


In the corner,

Elegant and tall,

Bearing a prideful red-brown hue.

Swaying along to the gentle breeze,

With an irregular, dark follower

Shadowing around.

Sweet soothing smells of baby pink carnations

Mixed with the acidic zest of citrus

All accompanied by the buzzing sound of worker bees

Busy collecting nectar for their queen.

Complex chattering of furry squirrels rattle from the palm tree

Wrestling and scrambling, and scratching as they climb

Doing this for more than a thousand times.

Welcoming rays trickle down their warmth,

Like fluorescent lights coming and fading

In the air.

While fluffy cotton candy

Turtle-race one another,

Crisp white pages of my book flip by, and by,

Slowly running for the other side.

I breathe in, smelling, tasting aromatic air,

As my fingers brush against the next page of the novel,

My playground in my home of heart

Has come to encompass me.



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