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One Dance

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His eyes are open wide

Now he shuts them tight

He bows his head down

And listens to the feet shuffling across the stage.

He hears the cheers and claps pulsating from the crowd

He hears “I love you” from the family behind him

And he whispers it back.

He remembers the hours that led to these minutes

The practices dragging on and on, not only from the laziness but also from the joy

The food, the music, the costumes

He also remembers the fear

but he leaves it in the past where it belongs.

The blinding stage lights start to dim

As he sends up a prayer.

He knows he will remember the people

He hopes that this dance with them will not be his last.

He thinks it’s ironic

That he didn’t even like dancing,

That he’s an introvert inverted on the biggest stage for miles around,

That simple movements can show who you really are.

The lights flick back on

The cheers become more pronounced

Music bouncing around in his ears

Some people might be afraid of failure

But he only expects success, no matter what he’s doing.

He raises his head

Smile fixed into place

A facade? He thinks so

Yet the eyes that are shut tight

Are suddenly bursting to flutter open



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