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Rain Blocker

Style: n/a

Statement: For this I messed with dual meanings and imagery for potential things that could be a rain blocker. There's also an underlying extended metaphor regarding mental health and psychedelics mixed in.

Dark clouds gather

I need something to cover me

Oncoming storm, wind, rain will arrive soon

Half an hour to find a shield, I wish I had a good rain blocker

I wish I had the warm embrace of my coat, I wish I had the warm clasp of bed

Piercing wind will throw darts at the dartboard I am, making me cold and miserable until

Its red and white top

Protecting from trouble what

A good rain blocker

I plucked from the floor

Gripped the handle

Tightly as if to

Choke the fluids out

Strong winds blasting

Its gnashing teeth

Eating up my arm

Flesh festering

It smells like honey

Sweet, comforting, warm

I picked it up

Threw it down

I picked it up

The rain grows

Threw it down

I picked it up

Black mud coursing

Through this beautiful

Impressionable rain blocker

And the rainbows bloomed

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