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  • Writer's pictureDiya Kapoor

the big thing that lives in the sky

Style: Poetry

Writer's Statement: I've always been a big fan of sunsets, the main inspiration of "the big thing that lives in the sky." I have always observed their colors and how they can enter people like myself. As I go on walks with my dog in the evenings, I find myself stopping and observing each sunset, their colors, the ways the clouds react, just those little things. Looking at sunsets can clear my mind and think about the bigger picture (or the big thing per se), which is calm and puts people at ease.

I used to walk my dog often,

The tall trees that surrounded me as

The sun began to set,

Music blasting in my headphones.

I once came upon the sky in waves of color.

A sunset I used to know, now a painting I’ve never seen.

I grip leash tightly as colors begin to swirl in the sky,

My footsteps are light now,

trying to catch the direction of orange to red to pink all fading into blue.

As I stop walking, I see the people who stop to see the sight, 

the mom with 2 kids who’s trapped in the walls of her house,

the young adult who is afraid to fly away from the nest,

the old woman in her sweater vest in the 70 degree weather.

we all stop and stare,

because when the clouds dance and the sky begins to swirl, 

the stress we hold in our chests,

in our brains, our hearts,

It disintegrates.

We no longer are humans with important worth or worry,

we are only spectators enticed by the show going on afar.



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