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  • Parnika N. Kamath

A Love Letter For My Best Friend

Style: Poetry

Writer's Statement: My best friend went through a rough time dealing with frustrating people and situations in her life and this was a poem I wrote for her when she was at a low point, to cheer her on. I wanted to let her know that I'll be there for her regardless of where she is or what she's going through. Most people think wanting to be loved or loving has to be a romantic relationship, but sometimes the best forms of love are the people who are with us through highs and lows.

With eyes glowing like stars,

I know you’ll go very far

Maybe even leave me

Finally be free

If that’s what is meant to be

And when they whisper lies

And tears creep from your eyes

I will kiss their foreheads goodnight

Because you’re not going down without a fight

Their words don’t define you

You can bid them adieu

They haven’t got a clue

And now they’re all blue

I will be your haven

Sharp as a raven

If they’re laughing, they’re mistaken

What's been stolen will be retaken

Strong and fearless,

But vulnerable and listless,

You don’t have to be dauntless

Experiences have taught us

Stay your hand in mine

Through darkness you still shine

Dancing with your eyes

We stand on stunning faultlines

As long as this heart of mine is beating,

Our moments won’t ever be fleeting

Oh how I loved our first meeting

When we both had been dreaming

Both hit by reality

An utter catastrophe

Our words have duality

There’s beauty in calamity

Even though many have led you astray,

I am always here to stay

Singing for each and every birthday

My words and heart won’t ever betray

How our humanness clings to one another

Despite the scenic spring

No strings or rings

Just happiness by markings

This is how I love you so

Warmth sets our lives aglow

Let’s dance in the snow

And forget about our foes

My shoulder is where your head rests on

Our hearts will mend from torn

Even in spite of the creeping dawn

We’ll laugh together on the green lawn



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