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  • Sanyukta Ravishankar

a waiting day

Style: Poetry

Writer's Statement: Writing this piece helped me let my emotions flow after a long day full of overthinking.

one day,

a waiting day

i feel stranded,



left alone with no defense.

“she’ll be fine,”

they said,

which ended as a pretense.

fifteen pairs of prying eyes,

judgmental eyes,

impatient eyes,

tear me apart–

piece by piece,

‘til nothing remains

but my beating heart.

“she’s not good enough,

smart enough,

confident enough,”

say the hypercritical voices.

they cower in corners

out of my sight,

criticizing my choices.

i curl up,

head down,

eyes closed,

heart regretful,

hair loosely braided

like a blanket

down my back.

frozen by fear

i wait for hours,

painful hours,

exasperating hours,

controlled by overwhelming anxiety.

until finally,

a hand on my shoulder

triggers a flood of relief

that washes through my body,

cleansing my senses

and relaxing my nerves.

moments later,

i’m away.

away from the voices,

away from the eyes,

away from the expectation.

newfound strength

courses through my body,

and trust,

like an ever-growing vine,

wraps around me

promising never to leave me again.



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